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Colors and beauty of our second home country....

Colors, fabrics, handicrafts, smiling and sad faces;  women and men in their villages, in gecekondus (houses built over night), in the happily mixed bazaars or along the footpath (at the side of the road)…

After many years of living in Turkey we are still fascinated by the colorful variety and cultural richness of the country and its people. Nevertheless we are aware of the tremendous gap within the society, east and west, city and countryside and especially between men and women.

Producers and Partners

We work together with female cooperatives, women in homework, local workshops and small businesses. Every single item - produced in limited quantities - is handmade carefully. The producers themselves are experts in their fields, doing their jobs conscientiously.

It is difficult to make a living by practising a craft, this applies in particular to women. On this webpage we want to support and introduce those persons, women-cooperatives and small businesses, whom Eldoku is working with.

We invite you to get to know the Eldoku-Family….

Defne & Apollon

Ankara - Beypazarı - Halk Eğitim Merkezi

S.S. Ankara Zeytindalı Kadın, Çevre, Kültür ve İşletme Koop

Company Gift Articles

Special offers of hand crafted gifts for your customers, partners or employees..

Make your company stand out by choosing custom made gifts while making a positive impact by supporting women-cooperatives, artisans and small enterprises at the same time.

We invite you to contact us, if you are interested in our unique portfolio.

+90 535 965 03 55 info@eldoku.com, eldoku.tasarim@gmail.com



+90 535 965 03 55


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